WHAT You Need To Do and Not Do

 Selling a business can be an overwhelming process.


What you NEED to Do-

Much thought and preparation needs to be given to position your business to attract the right buyer at the right time.

 *I commonly see owners get to a point where they simply want to retire or get out.



Rush to find a buyer as quickly as possible and then “move on”.

*An accounting professor of mine once had a plaque on his wall that said “Good. Fast. Cheap”. Pick two.


DO NOT get into this situation-

Where the owner gets to pick Fast and Cheap.

It’s common to see the seller end up finding a buyer who will offer them a cheap price and then ask the seller to finance the sale. Selling your business this way typically results in the seller undervaluing their business, you become the bank, and entering into an agreement with the wrong buyer.


What you NEED to Do-

You need an experience professional team to look out for your best interests to help eliminate lots future stress so you can enjoy retirement or move on to other opportunities.

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